What is ALAN?

ALAN is a SAAS solution that solves the #1 pain point for a Gym Owner, working leads.

ALAN changes the focus from lead flow to show flow – what a service-based
business cares most about are bodies in the door to meet with/help. It doesn’t matter how many leads a gym gets if those leads don’t talk through the door.

How does ALAN work?

ALAN is made for gym owners, by gym owners. We understand that not every gym runs a campaign 24/7 – 365 days a year, that’s why we structured ALAN as a Pay For Performance model. This variable is based upon lead flow and strength of show rates generated by ALAN. We essentially only charge for the leads that confirm they are on their way to an appointment, which is the highest correlation with show rate.

ALAN is an omnichannel platform which turns names that show up on a Google Sheet into people walking through the door of a gym. ALAN blends the ease of FB Messenger with higher engagement levels seen with SMS (vs. email). This means ALAN will always meet your prospect where he/she is at, on the preferred channel!

How does ALAN compare to normal lead nurturing practices?

ALAN works leads longer (6+ weeks) and harder than a GO typically will on their own – with little to no human intervention needed. ALAN doesn’t need to take lunch, never sleeps, won’t quit on you out of the blue, and always responds to the prospect in a timely manner. ALAN truly replaces the need to hire, train, coach, manage, and pay someone to fulfill the same function – like AWS for servers (flexible) and it takes no days off, not even holidays or weekends.

Not to mention, ALAN is constantly learning/improving on it’s own. ALAN utilizes current data science methodologies to identify patterns and customize messaging to increase likelihood the prospect will show. ALAN knows what words to combine to create the highest likelihood that a prospect will show at your door, not based on emotion, but on logic of what has worked for hundreds of thousands of other prospects!

Why use ALAN? How is it worth it?

ALAN offers each user cost savings as a baseline with upside of potential
out-performance as evidenced to date. This means that not only does ALAN just replace the cost of 1 entire employee, but ALAN by week 6 on average generates 24%-33% show rates for said facility, while the average employee produces 21% (self reported).

Why is ALAN such a fit for marketing agencies and resellers?

Marketing Agencies/Reseller Network can easily implement a new revenue stream which helps deliver value to their clients and competitive moat for themselves. The biggest pain point of most Marketing Agencies is the inability of the client to work the leads and drive sales, ALAN solves that problem AND makes you money while it does this. Most agencies qualify to receive 100% of the ALAN setup fee and 25% of recurring revenue thereafter. This revenue alone can match profit many agencies make from their agency fees alone.